API Documentation

Current Version: 2.0

This API allows you to create and manage your orders with Tucia in a simple, programmatic way using conventional HTTP requests. The endpoints are intuitive and powerful, allowing you to easily make calls to retrieve information or to execute actions.

With this API, you are able to add Tucia's human-powered photo editing functionality to any application. This is especially useful for resellers who have their own websites or apps, and outsource the real editing service to Tucia.



The Tucia API uses Basic Auth for authorization. The first step is to go to account settings to generate a private pair of API KEY and API SECRET.

Before each request, you need to use HMAC-SHA256 algorithm to generate a signature, composed of the API KEY, API SECRET, a timestamp and the payload. Please make sure to convert all numbers to string format, e.g. 123 to "123".

This is an example of implementation in PHP:


   // This is an example payload:
      "project_name" => "beach wedding",
      "instructions" => array("slim the waist", "tan skin more")

   // Merge the payload with API KEY and a timestamp:
   $queryArray=array_merge($payloadArray, array(
      "api_key" => "YOUR_API_KEY",
      "timestamp" => strval(gmdate("U"))


   // Order the parameters by key ascending:

   // Convert the queryArray to string by JSON:

   // Generate API signature:
   $queryArray["signature"]=hash_hmac("sha256", $queryString, "YOUR_API_SECRET");

The final query parameters will be something like this:




['slim the waist', 'tan skin more']


beach wedding






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