About us

Tucia was created and bootstrapped by founder Howard Luo with the help of Joe Liemandt, Shu Wu, and Steven Bell. We’re passionate about building the future of image editing.



The idea for Tucia was born in 2007 when Howard stumbled upon someone posting in college forum, looking for someone to retouch a few important photos taken from her recent engagement.

The initial idea was dead simple: build something to connect everyone with image experts, and make it really easy and straightforward to get a better photo. After months of painstaking design and development in the dorm room, that insignificant part-time job was turned into a small online business, and the number of bugs was close to infinity.

Today, trusted by 120,000+ individuals, professionals, and companies throughout the world, a new photo is uploaded to our server every single minute.




From the humble beginning, we've been striving to solve the biggest problem in this industry: everyone is spending too much time in order to achieve beautiful images.

Software automation helps us at a certain level, but many problems though, demand more sophisticated operations, more industry experience and a deeper understanding of how to represent an image. In simple terms: human brain.

But it is never our mission to build another run-of-the-mill editing mill. We believe that thoughtful design and advanced technology combined with human sense will solve real problems and help everyone have a more balanced life. That is why we've been rethinking photo editing process from the bottom up, and we take more cues from neural networks and deep learning than we do from Photoshop and Lightroom.

With a huge amount of image data and editing experiences accumulated over the past 10 years, we are now able to start a new journey to explore the possibilities for the future.




Tucia is now an affiliate of Next Element Inc. and our operation team is based in Vancouver, Canada. We also have a full-time editor team located in Hangzhou.

To change the way images are edited, it requires not only the ability to master the art of pixel manipulation, but also a forward-thinking mind to utilize the latest technologies for cross-field innovation, and this will be a problem rooted in code and design. Our versatile website and developer-friendly APIs are helping our clients focus on growing their business, and we are dedicated to build more powerful applications and make it available to as many people as possible.